Common raffle questions

Pre Raffle - You must have a verified discord account, with a linked phone number, to participate in our raffles. Authentication happens through Discord, so if you are able to successfully chat in the Discord server, you can enter the raffle. Raffle links will be posted in #announcements on Discord with plenty of time in advance.
To verify your phone number, you must enable Two-Factor Authentication and then add your phone as an SMS Backup. Learn more here: Discord - Setting up Two Factor Authentication

If you're getting an "Invalid Phone Number" error, see here: Discord - Invalid Phone Number
Yes, as long as they actually want one.
All you need is your Discord login information to authenticate with the raffle platform. You also need to know your preferences for the current raffle you want to enter (layout, color, material, extras)
When you login to the raffle page, your email connected to your discord account will be listed. This is the one we will use for invoicing. If this email is incorrect, please update your email address with Discord before entering the raffle. Once you enter the raffle, you email cannot be changed.
No, Keycult does not use any of the information (like your email address) for anything but notifying you about the current raffle. You will not be subscribed to any mailing list.
Here are a few good troubleshooting steps and things to check:
  • Make sure you are logging into the correct Discord account
  • Make sure the Discord account you are logging into has a verified phone number, and has access to post in the Keycult Discord
  • Clear your cache/cookies
  • Try a different browser
No. To enter the raffle you do not need your credit or debit card. If you are chosen in a raffle, you will then need your credit/debit card to pay your invoice.

Post Raffle

All communication about if you have won or lost will happen over email. If you won the raffle, you will receive an email congratulating you, and a link to view your Shopify invoice. If you lost, we will send you an email as well to not keep you in the dark.
Winners will be selected and sent an invoice usually within 24hrs of the raffle closing. Hang out and pay attention to #announcements on Discord.
You have 24 hours upon receiving your invoice to pay. If you run into an issue, or cannot pay within 24 hours for whatever reason, please respond to your invoice or email as soon as you can.
Please ensure that your configuration is correct before submitting your raffle entry. Because we have a limited selection of extras, all kits are allocated when we run the raffle. If you need additional add-ons (plates or PCBs), please reply to your invoice email only if you have won the raffle.
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