Plate files for Keycult keyboards for personal use

Plate Files

Many people have asked for plate files for past Keycult keyboards for their own personal use. We’ve chosen to release them below with a limited, non-commercial license. Please understand that by downloading these files, you’re agreeing to these terms of use:

  • Non-commercial: These files may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes, unless express, written permission has been granted by Keycult. Group Buys are considered as commercial.

  • Modifications: You may modify these files as you wish for your personal use, but you may not use them as the foundation for a commercial project. Keycult will not provide modifications or adjustments to the files.

  • No warranty provided: Keycult provides no warranty for these files. You agree to take full responsibility for their use.

With that out of the way, plate files can be downloaded below.

Official Keycult Plate Files

These plate files are released by Keycult directly

Community Driven Plate Files

These plate files were submitted by the community, and are subject to the same terms of use as above. Please note standard Keycult PCBs do not support ISO layouts. You will need a Wilba Graphite PCBfor ISO support.

Big thankyou to yoniwolf1202 for his contribution of these ISO plate files!

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