Specifications for the Keycult No. 2/65



  • Additional height from bumpon: 1.75mm
  • 315mm (L) x 120mm (W) x 19.8mm (FH) x 36.05mm (RH)


  • Alu/Alu assembled w/ keycaps - 3lbs 11oz / 1.67kg
  • Alu/Brass assembled w/ keycaps - 5lbs 11oz / 2.58kg


Limited to sales, commission colors are not listed

  • Black
    • Brass
    • Red unfinished
    • Purple unfinished
    • Black unfinished *vickrey
  • Navy Gray
    • Silver
  • White (Powdercoat)
    • Unfinished Silver
  • Matte Blue
    • Unfinished Silver

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Build Guide

Album of pictures to help you assemble your No. 2/65 can be found below!