Keycult and Keycult accessories FAQ

This is meant to be a collection of commonly asked questions and their answers. This is by no means a complete list, but we hope that by reading through this, you will be able to answer some basic and frequent questions we get a lot.


Keycult keyboards are all named off their design language and their formfactor. The three current design languages are the No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3. Each has its own aesthetics, qualities, and differences. The default for each design language is a TKL, meaning that a “No. 1” is the No. 1 design language in a TKL form factor. A “No. 1/65” is the No. 1 design language, in a 65% formfactor.
Currently the following designs exist:
  • No. 1
  • No. 1/60
  • No. 1/65
  • No. 2
  • No. 2/65
  • No. 3 (Currently unreleased)
Each time we tweak a design, that is considered a new revision. These changes might be small, or large.
  • No. 1 vs. No. 2 plates are not interchangeable
  • No. 1 Rev. 2 plates will work on No. 1 Rev. 1
    • Note: Use without alignment pins
  • No. 2 Rev. 1 plates will work on original No. 2
    • Note: Use without alignment pins
Not really; however, the WTXX-G-GRAPHITE PCBs do support ISO. You will need to get your own plate cut though.
These PCB's are designed to work with Keycult keyboards, and probably will not fit other cases. If buying for another case, make sure it will fit.
The recommended supported PCBs are the ones sold on the Keycult store at here. The following PCBs will also fit as well.
  • No. 1/60: WT60-G
  • No. 1/65 or No. 2/65: WT65-G
  • TKL: WT80-G (Note: This PCB will NOT work on the original No. 1)
    • Note: This PCB will NOT work on the original No. 1. Please refer to the spreadsheet here for other options
Yes, for non-commercial, personal use. You can find them here: Plate Files
Keycult PCBs are programmed using VIA, a desktop application that allows on-the-fly key-remapping without having to flash your PCB. You can download the latest release and learn more at
For anodized aluminum and brass parts, its recommended to use some warm water and a drop or two of soap.
Step 1. Embrace the tarnish.
Step 2. If tarnish still bothers you, repeat step 1.
We’ve written about this here: Keycult - Drawings
We recommend you checkout our Discord server for the most up to date information. We post updates and new release information in #updates-and-releases.
No, Keycult no longer accepts PayPal for purchases made through our store. This is for two reasons: 1) PayPal has changed its policy in regards to refunds to not return PayPal fees if a refund is issued. We believe this is anti-consumer and anti-business. 2) PayPal has become increasingly heavy-handed in enforcing its long-standing policy against any preorder that takes longer than 20 days to fulfill, potentially jeopardizing our account if we allow PayPal for preorder payments.

We accept all major credit cards as well as debit/bank cards that have a major credit card's logo on them (acquired from nearly every major bank).
Check out our discord server. #updates-and-releases will have the most up to date information. :)
We recommend you cut your own plates. We've provided plate files here as well for you to use! Because of the chip shortage, we are no longer able to provide extra PCBs for the time being. You can always check out our friend who carries graphite PCBs that are compatible with Keycult boards.
We have not done any internal testing but a few users have found that millmax 7305 works well whereas 0305 has some fitment issues with the bottom row touching the case. Millmax at your own risk!
Please either respond to your order confirmation email, or send an email and put "Address change" in the subject. Make sure to add order number in the email itself too!
The most clear cut way is to purchase from Keycult directly. We understand there still might be some concerns with aftermarket purchases, so it would be best to ask about provenance IE order confirmation email, auth card, etc.
For the most part, yes. Newer revisions using PTFE alignment pins will have cut outs for those pins in their plates. Older revisions that do not support alignment pins can still use these new plates but newer revisions that use alignment pins cannot use older plates without cutouts. If you don't use the pins, then no problem.
Plates are interchangable between revisions but tolerances and dimensions are usually tweaked slightly between revisions. We can't promise they will fit together nicely. If you are trying to use a part from the same revision it should fit.
We've created a Raw FAQ to help answer your questions:
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