Specifications for the Keycult No. 2 TKL



  • Additional height from bumpon: 1.75mm
  • 355mm (L) x 143mm (W) x 19.8mm (FH) x 40.56mm (RH)


  • Alu/Alu assembled w/ keycaps - 5lbs 13oz / 2.64kg
  • Alu/SS assembled w/ keycaps - 7lbs 7oz / 3.84kg
  • Alu/Brass assembled w/ keycaps - 8 lbs 14oz / 4.02kg


Limited to sales, commission colors are not listed

  • Silver
    • Stainless
    • Contemporary Red
    • Blue Waves
  • Dark Grey
    • Brass
  • Matte Black
    • Blue Waves
  • Blue Hammertone (Powdercoat)
    • Satin
  • Black & Silver Hammertone (Powdercoat)
    • Brushed Red Waves
    • Brushed Silver Waves
  • Dark Blue (Powdercoat)
    • Silver Waves
  • Blue Titanium (Cerakote)
    • Silver Anodized Waves
  • Raw

There are some OG No. 2 TKLs out there that had a small private run by EVE. They have unique colorways. You can always ping us in Discord if you are curious if it is official or not.

Layout Options


No. 2 Rev. 1

Unlike the No. 1 Rev. 1, this revision to the No. 2 is very minor, largely to address feedback from customers. Changes include:

  • Minor changes to internals and clearances
  • New plate design for increased flex (compatible with original release, details TBA)
  • Case height increased slightly so that keycaps appear to sit lower in the case (actual height from desk to plate is unchanged)
  • New custom-molded silicone bumpon feet (compatible with original release)

No. 2 Rev. 2

The No. 2 Rev. 2 is the first batch of No. 2’s manufactured in Raleigh, NC. No. 2 Rev. 2 parts are not compatible with previous revisions.

  • Small internal changes to help with manufacturing, the aesthetics of the keyboard are the same
  • PTFE alignment pins

Build Guide

Check out the teardown on Youtube! Just keep in mind this is for the OG No. 2 TKL. See changelog above for differences.