This page explains how to quickly make a small change to the site with little effort

Getting Started

First off, to contribute to the site, you must have a GitHub account. If you dont have one, head over to GitHub and create an account. The link to our repository is in the navigation bar at the top. All of our pages are written in Markdown, an easy-to-use markup language. If you are new to Markdown, or need a refresher on syntax, you can view the Github Markdown guide for some useful tips and tricks.

Making your contribution

1. Finding the file you want to change

All of our pages are in the pages/mydoc directory of the repository. The file naming scheme is very simple. For example, the source file for this page is If you cannot find a file you are looking for, GitHub has a fancy button Go to file which will show you where the file is.

2. Editing the file

At this point you have two options. If you are familiar with GitHub already, you can checkout this repo, create a branch, and submit a pull request with your changes. If you are not familiar with GitHub, you can navigate to the file you want to change on GitHub, and click the Pencil Edit button on the right hand side. Now you can make your changes.

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3. Submitting your changes

If you are making the changes on the GitHub website, the next part might seem complicated, but it is very easy! At the bottom of the page, you will see a place to explain your changes. Write what you changed and why, and then select Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request. After you have filled out the information, click Propose changes, and your changes will be sent to the Keycult team to approve.

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Once your changes are approved, you will see your changes here! Thanks for helping out the community!