Specifications for the Keycult No. 1 TKL



  • Bumpon: 1.75mm
  • 355mm (L) x 139mm (W) x 20.16mm (FH) x 39.5mm (RH)


  • OG - Alu/Alu assembled w/ key caps - 5lbs 10oz / 2.55kg
  • Rev 1 - Alu/Alu assembled w/ key caps 4lbs 10oz / 2.10kg

Layout Options


No. 1 Rev. 2

The No. 1 Rev. 2 is a small revision to the No. 1 design, adding a few quality of life changes.

  • A new leaf-spring plate adds a bit of additional flex to the typing experience
  • PTFE locating pins solve the problem of plate alignment during assembly. The plate is backwards-compatible with last year’s No. 1 Rev. 1, though the locating pins are not.

No. 1 Rev. 1

Revision 1 was a complete, ground-up redesign of the original No. 1. No parts are compatible, including the plate. Major changes include:

  • VIA-compatible PCB and daughterboard placed in the base of the keyboard (instead of TX87 PCB)
  • Shallower typing angle (8° instead of 9.5°)
  • Lower height from desk to plate
  • Refined aesthetics (smoother & better-proportioned curves)