Common drawing questions

Read up on drawings here:

Make sure you know the difference between announced and unannounced drawings.


If selected you get a notification via discord and email that you won a drawing. You can then visit the drawing’s product page and select the configuration you’d like EX: A/B stock, hotswap/solderable PCB, etc.

If there is no longer any stock of a particular configuration, you’ll see it right there on the page with the option grayed out. If that is a deal breaker, you can let the win go and have increased odds rolled into our next drawing.
Start by creating an account on Afterwards, make sure your account has all the information filled out properly and is eligible for drawings. You can check your eligibility status here: If there's an unannounced drawing, just exist. With announced drawings, it will be posted in #announcements and you can enter the drawing.
You’ll be notified via discord and email that are registered on your Keycult account. You may want to add a spam filter for emails coming from: and
As long as there are units available for potential winners.
Then you don’t need to do anything. If you win and do not want the configuration you won…you can simply ignore the notification and we’ll roll some increased odds for the next drawing.

We want folks to purchase what they like and to be rewarded for passing on releases they don’t.
No, Keycult does not use any of the information (like your email address) for anything but notifying you about the current raffle. You will not be subscribed to any mailing list.
Yes. They will shipped within a couple weeks of the drawing ending.
No. To enter the drawing you do not need your credit or debit card. If you are chosen in a drawing, you will then need your credit/debit card to pay your invoice.
We are giving folks 24 hours right now but later on will implement a system to actively decline. To decline right now, just ghost us.
Please ensure that your configuration is correct before checking out. If you need additional add-ons (plates or PCBs), please reply to your invoice email.
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